Boathouse Connect Rowing Management Simplified

Whether you want to manage line-ups, keep tabs on equipment, or stay in close contact with your membership, Boathouse Connect can do it all!

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Built specifically for rowing clubs by a team of rowers & coaches

Everything your club needs to be successful

Spend more time rowing, less time running the club!

Collect dues & donations

Manage Finances

Every club needs revenue to operate. With Boathouse Connect, you can collect dues with debit/credit cards or via ACH, run fundraisers, accept donations, and set fees based on athlete groups.

Keep tabs on all your equipment

Manage Equipment

Boathouse Connect lets you keep track of your boats, oars, and ergs all in a single platform.

  • Damage reporting and tracking
  • Keep rigging information
  • Reservation system
  • Track boats requiring maintenance
  • Transparency on the usability of equipment
  • Boat use analytics
  • Insurance Lists
  • Reservation blackout times
Get your lineup before you get to the boathouse

Know Before You Row

By creating lineups on Boathouse Connect before practice, coaches can make better lineup decisions by utilizing past lineups, athlete skill levels, and actual boat availability.

Each year, rowing clubs waste hundreds of hours on land figuring out lineups before launching boats. That's time that should be spent rowing instead!

Streamline communications by sending from a single source

Nobody left in the dark

Communications are critical to the smooth operation of a rowing club. Boathouse Connect can help with keeping your members informed. Just as important as sending timely communications is making sure the right people get them. To make sure nobody misses the memo, Boathouse Connect allows you to specify which groups of athletes receive each email or text message.

So much more!

New Features Added Monthly

Boathouse Connect has all the features a rowing club needs to be successful in the 21st century with more features added every month. Don't see a feature you need? Get in touch, we can probably build it!